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Women’s Circle - Dark Moon Shedding
Nov 15, 2020 - Nov 15, 2020

Find your way back to your divine nature and spiritual being. Let the world around you melt away as you retire within yourself during the Dark Moon phase of the moon. Learn how to “see in the dark” as you get in touch with your inner truth and wisdom.

Together we will:

  • shed and let go of what no longer serves us
  • recognize what we don’t want to grow in the next cycle
  • be guided in a shamanic drum journey to meet our inner guides
  • appreciate the link between the bleeding days of our menstrual cycle and the season of Winter
  • Explore the connection between the Dark Moon phase and the life season of Crone.

This is a boutique and intimate women's circle with very limited spots!

Early Bird ticket: $35

Regular ticket: $45

Nov 15, 2020
3:00 - 5:30pm