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Self-Love Yoga Nidra and Sound Healing with Reiki
Feb 12, 2023 - Feb 12, 2023

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a gift of pure self love. Join Johanna and Shelly as they lead you through a two-hour wellness workshop with a Reiki infused Yoga Nidra meditation centered on self-love and a heart-centered Sound Bath on Yoga Nidra is sleep with a trace of awareness. Give your body the rest it truly deserves as you slip into pure physical relaxation and withdrawal from the external environment. Following Yoga Nidra, you will settle into a soothing, heart-centered sound bath with Alchemy Crystal singing bowls, bells, chimes and more. During the workshop, each participant will also receive hands-on Reiki and chakra healing using crystals.

Yoga Nidra and Sound Baths are known for the many physical, mental, and spiritual benefits including: reducing stress and feelings of anxiety, improving digestion and circulation, decreasing heart rate, aiding in the release of long held fears, anger, and negative emotions, releasing habits, and spiritual liberation.

February 12, 3:00-5:00pm | In Person | $75

Bring a friend, and you'll each receive $15 off registration! Please email for more information!

About Johanna

Johanna offers a range of services with the intent of helping you shift away from relying on external validation. Her goal is to help you reconnect with yourself through yoga, vibrational sound therapy, and different energy healing modalities.

All of Johanna's yoga and energy healing work touches on the physical, vibrational and emotional aspects of yourself. The physical practice is a chance to explore connection to yourself, the vibrational level is a way for you to connect to your emotions and move energy in the body and the emotional level allows you to explore growth. All sessions with Johanna are a way to come home to yourself.

For more information visit or connect with Johanna on Instagram @lunaserenityyoga.

About Shelly

Shelly is a Reiki Master (Usui and Holy Fire Attuned), 500 hour trained Yoga Instructor with a specialization in Yoga Nidra and Meditation. Shelly loves bringing her awareness and knowledge of higher frequency energy, yoga, meditation, ayurvedic yoga, and essential oils into the Reiki experience.

She creates a safe, calm, and comforting space for clients to be themselves, explore their higher consciousness, and heal themselves from this place. Shelly is grounded, authentic, and present. I am inspired by true love, joy, freedom, and connection with others.

To connect with Shelly, you can reach her at 

Social Media: @Sheetz6812

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Feb 12, 2023
3:00pm - 5:00pm EDT
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