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New Year’s Evolution: Clear the Way, Set Your Course to a Luminous 2019 with Natalie Miller
Dec 31, 2018 - Jan 1, 2019
Hi, I’m Natalie, and I unabashedly love the New Year holidays.
(Not so much the stay-up-til-midnight New Year’s Eve thing, actually.)
What I love is the turn from one year into the next.
I love my fresh new planner.
I love the peculiarity of writing “2019.”
And I love making time to review & appreciate the year gone by
look at my lessons learned and revise my approach,
and create empowered intentions for making the most of my wild & precious life
in the New Year just arrived.
Join me in making the most of this pivotal moment with two inspiring, enlightening workshops.
Goodbye, 2018: Take What’s Empowering and Leave the Rest
On New Year’s Eve, we’ll begin with a thorough review of the year just ending.
Our 12/31 workshop includes:
  • Grounding, all-levels yoga practice to set the tone for solid self-reflection
  • Peace and quiet to spend time with my New Year’s Evolution workbook, which offers an array of year-in-review prompts.
  • Clarifying, creativity-sparking, wisdom-cultivating group coaching
  • A closing ritual to let go of what we’re done with, and open up to what’s next.

Hello, 2019: Set the Stage for a Luminous New Year
On New Year’s Day, we’ll co-create a best beginning for 2019.
Our 1/1 workshop includes:
  • Sweet, inspiring all-levels yoga practice to begin the year with a treat for body and soul
  • Peace and quiet to spend time with my New Year’s Evolution workbook, which offers an array of ways to create deep & effective intentions
  • SoulCollage-inspired Vision Boarding - all materials included!
  • A closing ritual to enter the New Year with courage and clarity
These workshops are best taken together, and/but single-workshop registration is welcome, space-permitting.
The New Year's Evolution workbook - a $50 value! - is included with registration.
Limited scholarship assistance is available: please write to to inquire.
Dec 31, 2018
9:00 - 1:00pm
Jan 1, 2019
9:00 - 1:00pm