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Yoga at the Ashram
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Chakra Balancing Sound Bath
Dec 2, 2023 - Dec 2, 2023

We invite you to press pause for 90 minutes of deep meditative healing in this crystal-bowl-based sound bath. Julia has a deep intuitive connection to her instruments, in which she can hear the energetic needs of the people in her sessions. She infuses every sound bath with reiki and prayer, as she creates a soundscape of pure love and joy using a large variety of instruments in addition to her singing bowls. In every sound bath, you can expect some of the following: gong, tongue drum, chimes, rain sticks, rattles, flute, voice, and frame drum. This event is meant to be time for you, with absolutely nothing required of you beyond your presence. The ashram has mats and blankets, but you may also choose to bring your own for the comforts of home.

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Dec 2, 2023
7:00pm - 8:30pm EDT
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