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Mytho-Somatic Yoga
Apr 27, 2024 - Apr 27, 2024

“Mythosomatic Yoga”

This class is a shared container for liberating the imagination (mythos) and body (soma) from the toxicity of the impact of inherited notions of who and how we are supposed to be, so that who and how we actually are can flow unimpeded from the source of our being into expression in our lives. This is a ritualized praxis that works in alignment with seasonal and lunar cycles, weaving lyrical movement, somatic yoga, breathwork, restorative yoga, massage and craniosacral in service to collective liberation.

This is an all-levels, all-bodies welcome class that nourishes the organs, cultivates vitality, and fortify’s the nervous system.

** While not a religious class, its foundation is spiritual and technologies such as ritual, prayer, invocation, and imagery are part of the practice. All are encouraged to come with a curiosity for possibility.

Co-led by Oviya Blackerby and Mike Curtis. Oviya has 8 years experience in bodywork, 10 years in birth work and 18 years in yoga therapy and movement education.

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Apr 27, 2024
3:00pm - 5:30pm EDT
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