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Moon Calendar Workshop
Dec 14, 2019 - Dec 14, 2019

*You'll need The Moon is My Calendar 2020. Purchase when booking this workshop for a special price, or order a copy from

Are you curious about how the moon affects you? Do you notice that your mood changes throughout the month, either with your own cycle or as the moon changes? If our body is made mostly of water, and the moon affects the tides, it makes sense it would affect us, right?

As we prepare to move into a new calendar year, this workshop will focus additional time on reflecting over the past 12 moon cycles then planting seeds and intentions for the year to come. Learn how to track your own body's mood, energy levels, and activities in coordination with the moon cycles. This practice helps us integrate everyday experiences to empower us to utilize our best days and times to focus our energy and use it well. For example, many of us have more energy and are more creative during ovulation or a full moon.

Whether you attended the first workshop or not, and whether you have experience with journaling with the moon or not, this workshop will be a time to gather in a circle and set intentions for the new year.

*While there will be some talk about the menstrual cycle, you don't need to be a menstruating person to join! All genders and ages can benefit from this practice.


  • Plant seeds and intentions for the year to come
  • Learn how to track your mood, energy, and activity with symbols and notes with this simple tool and practice
  • Explore The Moon is My Calendar and the elements provided within
  • Integrate your daily reflections to become more embodied
  • Discover new ways to optimize your energy levels in work and life

Class Includes

  • Instruction in how to use each element of the calendar
  • Discussion about the moon cycle and common themes
  • Group reflection about your own relationship (or non-relationship!) with the moon and tracking cycles

What to Bring

  • The Moon is My Calendar 2020
  • Pen/pencil
Dec 14, 2019
3:00 - 5:00pm