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Yoga + Anatomy Series: Pelvic Floor Edition
Jan 8, 2020 - Jan 22, 2020

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles that are essential to our everyday wellness, yet they are a mystery to most. When they are out of balance, issues like urinary leakage, bowel issues, and pelvic pain can occur and limit participation in the joys of life. Many don’t talk about these issues, and have learned to live with it because they believe they are “normal”.

This three-week series is for novice and seasoned yoga practitioners and instructors alike. We will cover the anatomy of the pelvic floor and related joints, and the role of the muscles as they relate to bowel and bladder control, core stability, and sexual health. We’ll also touch on ways to increase awareness of the pelvic floor in your personal asana practice, and how to cue your students as you are leading a class or refine your poses while taking a class.

+Review the anatomy of the pelvic floor muscles and pelvic bowl
+Discuss the effects of the pelvic floor on the sacroiliac joints and lumbar spine, as well as its role in core stability
+Learn why a balanced pelvic floor is necessary for optimal function, and why “kegels” are not all there is to the pelvic floor
+Specify asana focused on both strengthening AND lengthening the pelvic floor
+Understand the role of the pelvic floor in bladder, bowel, and sexual health
+Gain simple verbal cues for pelvic floor awareness during your personal yoga practice or teaching a class

Class Includes
+Clinical discussion on pelvic floor anatomy & function
+Movement practice focused on pelvic floor engagement, strengthening, and release/relaxation
+Meditation for increased awareness of the pelvic floor & it's energetic and emotional qualities

Jan 8, 2020 - Jan 22, 2020
7:30 - 8:45pm