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Falling in Love with Yourself: A Sound and Guided Meditation Immersion
Jun 15, 2019 - Jun 15, 2019

The incredible Rebecca White Raven and Alani Galbraith invite you to experience Falling in Love With Your Self ~ A Sound and Guided Meditation Immersion.


Albert Einstein had once said, “Everything in life is vibration.” Sound waves affect a change of frequencies in certain parts of the brain, thereby affecting the behaviour of the person due to the different manner in which the neurons in the brain ‘fire up’."


Just by being still, your mind is also given an opportunity to do so - it can clear and become reflective. Fear and anxiety (the two major causes of stress) are given a chance to subside. Your heart rate slows down as your blood pressure regulates itself, you feel calm and more confident, and begin to feel more in touch with your own strength and power. Feelings of vulnerability and overwhelm begin to subside. Psychologically, you feel more self-assured and certain on your path.

It’s so easy to get lost in negative thoughts and self-doubt. Underneath those feelings of lack and insecurity often lies a deeper truth: We do not feel worthy of love. Societal ideals condition us to believe that we must always strive to be “better.” That means thinner, happier, richer, smarter—you get the picture. Rarely are we ever made to believe that we are enough just as we are.

Benefits of self-love meditation

  • reduce self-criticism tendencies
  • lead to positive growth in our confidence
  • enable us to view any periods in which we feel inadequate or not up to a task as fleeting instead of permanent
  • reduce anxiety, depression and other forms of suffering that can arise from feeling we are not ‘enough’
  • increase the amount of compassion we feel for ourselves and for others

Relax and surrender as you meditate with the beautiful, intuitive music of Rebecca White Raven. Enjoy the delightful guided meditations of Alani Galbraith, woven together to hold a space of deep love for you to experience and immerse yourself as you Fall In Love With Your Self over and over again.

Jun 15, 2019
3:00 - 5:00pm