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Studio Hot Yoga / The Alaska Club

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Sep 24, 2023

It was awesome! Andrea is a great teacher :) I love the play time at the end!

Sep 20, 2023

Love the reminders from Julie to stabilize stabilize stabilize! I need those! Grateful to be able to modify the exercises without any worry about being the odd one out, felt supported and challenged at the level I could work at, thanks!

Sep 20, 2023

I like the class and the space. It was warm and I did sweat. The class was typical vinyasa and used straps which were helpful. I would recommend for most levels and I will be back. Would give five stars if the teacher would engage the class more for form and technique instead of just doing her own practice.

Sep 18, 2023

Andrea led a great 75 min flow.  Good tempo and poses!

Sep 16, 2023

The class had a nice pace and the instructor was easy to follow along with. Perhaps providing alternative moves for some of the positions would be helpful as well. Overall I would attend the class again for sure

Sep 15, 2023

My first time doing Yoga (let alone hot yoga) and it was amazing! Mari was a fantastic teacher. I left feeling very refreshed, both body and soul. Will definitely be back :)

Sep 14, 2023

For me this is just to let the studio know the class was too hot yesterday 9/13.  I have never had to step out or even leave a class and after 45 mins myself and another women had to leave early which has never happened in all my years of yoga.  I believe there had been another class before our 7:30 one and it just started the room off already hot and then too much heat was added for ours.  The class itself and Rosie are great!  I had a class with her last week that was the best music I have ever had in a class and her knowledge and class last night was excellent it was just too hot in the room for me and a few others.  Thank you for these classes, I LOVE them!

Sep 13, 2023

Very good.

Sep 8, 2023

I really enjoyed Marisa’s class. She knows how to encourage kindly and very welcoming to everyone, especially when you’re new to the practice.

Sep 6, 2023

So good. I’m changing around my work schedule so I can go to this one regularly!

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