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Mar 25, 2019

I have been taking Pilates private sessions at RTL since it opened and am consistently impressed with the high quality of the instructors and equipment.  I mostly work with Emma, but all the instructors/owners (Gudbjorg, Val, Sara, among others) are great and all bring something different to the table.  The instructors all push me -- it's a real workout! -- but I always feel well-aligned after a session.  I deal with back pain and hip issues on a regular basis and Pilates has helped so much in making me stronger in all the right places.  RTL also has a very comfortable friendly, family atmosphere.  I love coming here!

Feb 24, 2019

RTL is the best studio and I love the caring extremely professional instructors who are helping me bring my fitness to a higher level. I do resists pushing myself but they do not let me get away with slacking.  I also enjoy the studio itself. Light, clean and tasteful represents the pride Gudbjorg takes in her work. I know if I have a problem (and I have not) that it would be addressed.  I just love the group classes. The private lessons I have recently begun (as duet with my husband) are particularly great for him  as part of his PT plan in his effort to repair all the damage other kinds of exercise has caused. We are lucky to have you so close by.

Feb 22, 2019

Return to Life is a wonderful studio and I love taking classes there. All of the instructors are fantastic  as well as friendly and encouraging. I've taken classes with Val, Emma and G (the owner). Classes are challenging and I always work up a good sweat or at least a healthy glow! The studio itself is also great - bright, sunny and very clean. I also appreciate that they have a shower so I can quickly freshen up before going back to work. Another plus is that they supply small towels for class and the shower room is fully equipped with body wash, shampoo/conditioner and lotion - little details like that mean a lot.

But the quality of the instruction is excellent. I highly recommend RTL!

Feb 21, 2019

Return to Life offers great reformer classes that are limited to 5 students so you're assured of individual attention.  All the instructors are terrific and pay close attention to your form (I regularly take classes with Kaitlin and Gabby and sporadically take classes with Emma and Val as my schedule permits) .  Depending on the experience level of the students, a class may be more (or less) challenging, but there are always modifications to increase the difficulty of a specific exercise.  I definitely recommend if you're looking to increase your core strength.  Ask for side lying leg work with feet in the straps for hip/leg strengthening.