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Mar 13, 2023

It kicked my butt!!! I hurt but that is what I needed

Mar 13, 2023

Great class Im just getting started so it was easy to jump right in

Mar 11, 2023

Training with Miranda was excellent

Mar 1, 2023

I was look for something different . I finally find . Small gym  but have everything you need . A lot classes you cannot get bored at all . People so friendly welcome .
  My   personal  suggestion ypu much to list trying give to try I will love ;) it

Feb 11, 2023

Sandy makes every class enjoyable and challenging at the same time!

Feb 4, 2023

Joyce classes are always great.She"s annoying as hell but I think that's what makes a great instructor. Good class with a good group of participants.

Jan 8, 2023

Awesome class!  Fantastic instructor!  She knows how to push you to exhaustion in a positive and motivating way!  I'm hooked!!

Jan 8, 2023

Amazing class!!!  Awesome total body workout!!

Nov 7, 2022

It was my first time back in quite awhile. Casie B. Did a great job instructing the movements.
Very enjoyable workout!

Oct 17, 2022

Great class!

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