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Apr 17, 2024

Amy - you hurt us tonight

Thank you

Apr 16, 2024

I love Amy’s style of teaching and focus on form. What a great class today!

Apr 12, 2024

This was a challenging class, but I loved it. Sarah is so creative - she always includes something new each class I take.

Apr 10, 2024

Thank you for the class Sarah! I could feel the burn in my legs and glutes. I couldn’t keep up with all of the core movements particularly the obliques. Or even maintain the position from which the movement was occurring. Back to another beginner reformers class for me! Maybe another Barre one day after I build more strength… or sooner. :)

Apr 9, 2024

I love Amy’s style of teaching - she guides you and focuses on form. Great, challenging class!

Apr 8, 2024

The BEST music playlist today. Amanda is awesome, and her verbal cues and reminders are super helpful!

Apr 4, 2024

Thanks for the class Kaylee! It was a clean calm environment and the beginner class was a great workout. Centering and strengthening. I felt tingles as my muscles engaged with the different movement sets and the ones I haven’t intentionally used in a while revived. The reformer machine allows you to adjust the movement to your strength level and remain comfortable. A full body workout on one machine and in one spot which helped me to maintain my space & focus.

Apr 4, 2024

This was my first class with Nancy, and I really enjoyed it. She has a straight forward, fun style and I learned several new “tips and tricks” from her.

Apr 3, 2024

I loved the unilateral work in this class! Sarah is great at guiding you through movements and making sure you’re comfortable.

Apr 3, 2024

I was intimidated to start Pilates and took the leap. This studio is a gem. The instructors are warm and welcoming … patient and skilled. Wonderful!  Whether you are starting or experienced, this is the place.

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