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Oct 30, 2016

They hosted a Cavalier King Charles gathering and the facility was awesome. Even with 22 dogs at the "reunion "  it was controlled, and they gave excellent demonstrations on pet fitness. The bathing center was also impressive. A clean facility and knowledgeable staff.

Woofinwaggle response

Thank you Ted for the kind words; we appreciate it very much!  Looking forward to seeing your family at the next Kingston Cavalier King Charles gathering!!

Oct 28, 2016

Great place for people and dogs! We had a blast and will be back soon!  Staff is friendly and fun!  Give this place a try!

Woofinwaggle response

Glad you and you babies had fun.  So glad you joined us for class.  See you again soon!

Aug 10, 2016

This class was a lot of fun. Both my dog and I got a good workout. My dog LOVES to work and do activities with me, so for him this was the most fun. Some of the human exercises left him wondering what the heck I was doing, but they left me out of breath. lol  I was the only man in the class, but I didn't feel out of place.

Woofinwaggle response

Thank you Kyle for the kind review but more importantly thank you for coming.  You and Bender both did fantastic!  And, since I know you enjoyed that ball toss, I've got another one even more fun for the next class!!   Check out our Facebook page later today for pics of last night's class.  Come again soon and GREAT JOB KYLE & BENDER!!

Aug 2, 2016

We went in for a self-serve doggie bath. The facilities are excellent, the soaps are natural and smell great! We received a lot of help guiding us through the process and we even got a tip on how to clean our dogs ears!  I highly recommend them!

Woofinwaggle response

Thank you Oraly.  We love helping with the bathing process and we love meeting everyone's pups.  So happy that you liked the products as well.  We are excited about the quality of our Warren London "spaw" products and welcome your thoughts and opinions.  

Can't wait to see you again!  Have a fantastic week.  - Carol

Jul 29, 2016

Such a wonderful way to exercise for both you and your dog.  The staff is friendly and knowledgeable.  Get fit while bonding with your canine companion, who could ask for more? Go once and you will be hooked.

Woofinwaggle response

Thank you Dawn.  We are so happy that you and Cole had a great experience and plan to come back. Cole was awesome - totally laid back and soooo lovable!!  See you and Cole again soon Dawn!!  - Carol

Jul 25, 2016

So much FUN, a great workout and a wonderful alternative for hot and rainy days. Plus working out with your pet, who couldn't be any happier!

Woofinwaggle response

Thanks JJ.  We loved having you and Steely in class and OMgosh Steely couldn't have been cuter!!  Hope to see you again soon!!

Jul 16, 2016

What a great group of people. We did a doggie bath and my dog was actually not stressed out like she normally is when we go places for baths.

Woofinwaggle response

Hey Christy, thank you for the kind words and for the visit.  We love meeting new folks and their pups.  We are excited about our "Woof Spaw", the lift tubs and the Warren London products we use.  Hopefully your fur-baby smelled great for a few days after the bath!!  We hope to see you again soon, Christy!   -Carol

Jul 7, 2016

I am really excited about this new facility! My dog and I just tried the Intro Class. While there are a few small kinks to work out (totally expected for a new business and a new training model) I got in a decent work out and my dog was mentally and physically tired afterwards! I anticipate this to be fun crosstraining for both of us!

Woofinwaggle response

Thank you Courtney. We were so happy to have you and Blaze in class.  Yes we are working through these initial "training" classes to see what works best in our space, staff needed, etc.  Hope to see you again soon.