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Mar 7, 2023

Morgan was a fantastic instructor! She allowed us a few options for each barre exercise which was helpful! I will definitely be going back!

Jan 1, 2023

This is a follow up to my review about my legs swelling and becoming hard. The swelling and hardness of my legs may have been a result of taking cycle class seven times a week. (That was Larry's, a locker room buddy, fault as he challenged us to take both spin classes offered on Monday & Friday at Western) I was preparing to Ride my Bicycle 120 miles from DePere to Milwaukee to visit my Brother; which I did in 18 hours, it was fun. I noticed that the swelling and hardness of my legs went away for a while after my first ever NormaTec Treatment. I decided to have a NormaTec Treatment each day at Western for 30 days. This was fine until about 15 Treatments when I started to notice tightness and discomfort above my legs around the waist area. I stopped the NormaTec Treatment after 18 days, maybe I was going overboard with the treatment. Maybe the treatment was pushing fluids causing discomfort in my waist area, which stopped when I stopped the treatments. Anyways everything worked out great, the hardness and swelling in my legs has stopped and not returned.

Oct 20, 2022

Love this place. Not loaded with a bunch of muscle heads and the people are so kind, friendly and helpful.  Very very clean and well cared for as a family business
Love coming here to relax, exercise , sauna and enjoy the time giving back to myself.
Thanks All at the Club for making it relaxing and rewarding

Aug 1, 2022

App seems to work great

Apr 19, 2022

Recently my legs have swelled & become hard. I had Western Racket & Fitness Club's NormaTec Treatment that uses pulse technology to strategically apply compression to the legs. This technique is to speed up the body's normal recovery process, by flushing lactic acid from muscles. After the treatment my legs felt soft and normal, but as the day progressed the legs began to become stiffer, but not as stiff as before. To help with the stiffness and swelling my Doctor put me on a low sodium diet, less than 2300 mg per day. Hopefully with more NormaTec treatments, the low sodium diet, biking and exercising  this problem will go away. I will also try some of the other wellness treatments Western Racket & Fitness Club offers.