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Mar 7, 2017

Love all the people at WFS. Especially love RPM classes with Lindsey. She is so motivating and encouraging!

Women's Fitness Studio & Spa comment

Thanks, Sandy! We love her too!

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Aug 27, 2016

Body Flow classes allow you to work on your balance, build stamina, muscle strength and flexibility and it is topped off with meditation/relaxation!
I have been a member of WFS for over 5 years and Body Flow has been my "Go To" program. The instructors are professional, well trained and friendly! I try to attend regularly (at least twice a week ) as I noticed the most difference in how I fell when I do.
I have had Loiusa as an instructor for a number of years. She is energetic and precise while also making the hard work FUN! Crystal is a new instructor to me . I like her energy and commitment to giving us her best at every session.
I would encourage women of all ages to try Body Flow. For this 70 year old it has made the world of difference to my body and mental health .

KKB Harpswell
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Women's Fitness Studio & Spa comment

So that's the secret to looking so great at 70!

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Aug 23, 2016

It's always a great workout with Emily in Fitcamp! It definitely challenges you, but also has modifications if need be. I do need some modifications which Emily is happy to accommodate and recommend to some of the exercises, but I still get a great workout!

Women's Fitness Studio & Spa comment

Thanks Leslie - Glad you are finding Emily's Fitcamp beneficial!