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Nov 26, 2023

Sugars Bridge Farm was delightful! The views were beautiful, the farm animals adorable, the alpaca were gentle with us and so soft, and Sharlene made our experience extra-special thanks to her knowledge, kindness, and passion for farming.

Sugars Bridge Farm: Alpaca Tours, Summer Camp, Yoga, & Retreats response

Thanks Katherine so glad you enjoyed your time here.  Yes, let's keep our Farms alive.  Farm visits are good for keeping farming in our converstations and moving forward with changing times, offering animals safe place to be and cared for and visitors have time to learn about and enjoy the animals or gardens and have peaceful time in open spaces.  Hope to see you again!  Cheers Sharlene and the soft peaceful alpaca/llama

Nov 26, 2023

Sugar Bridges farm is such a nice, cute and beautiful place! It’s definitely a fun place for the whole family with little kids to explore and enjoy. We booked and enjoyed the Alpaca tour. It was a Shared tour but turned out to be a private one! The owner was so nice and friendly. My two boys and wife absolutely loved the whole experience! We ended up taking some warm and stylish Alpaca woo products home! Will revisit for sure! Highly recommend!

Sugars Bridge Farm: Alpaca Tours, Summer Camp, Yoga, & Retreats response

Thank you so much for leaving a wonderful review of your visit.  We are always so glad to hear that your time here was enjoyable and you have some soft products from Alpaca to remember your time here with us.  Please Come back for another Vist.  Sharlene and Farm Animals.

Nov 13, 2023

My fiance and I were finally able to visit the Alpaca Farm! From the very beginning Sharlene made us feel very welcomed and at home. She was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the farm and the animals. She encouraged us to take selfies with the Alpacas who were super friendly! We learned so much and had a blast! This was such a great day and I'm glad we were able to finally attend! We will definitely be back with our friends to share the experience!

Sugars Bridge Farm: Alpaca Tours, Summer Camp, Yoga, & Retreats response

Hi Aisha, thank you so much for your 5 star review.  I am so glad it finally worked out.  A perfect day.  And it was wonderful meeting you both.  I look forward to your return!   Happy Thanksgiving.  Sharlene and all the Farm Animals.

Nov 5, 2023

I saw this farm in passing back in 2021 & it took me almost 2 years to finally execute this tour. And it was worth the wait!
This farm is a heaven for nature lovers & people who want to experience nature at its finest. Sharlene the tour guide & owner of this venture is a delight to meet with! Her farm is beautiful, clean & very well managed. She walks us through the grounds covering facts ranging from history of the place to trivias about the farm animals. We saw a flock of ducks, fed them & finally moved to the Alpaca farm where we fed the Alpacas & clicked pictures with them.
This place is a must visit on a gorgeous day with friends & family. There is something for people of all ages. The tour was fun, wholesome & engaging. I will definitely plan more visits with my out of town friends & family.

Sugars Bridge Farm: Alpaca Tours, Summer Camp, Yoga, & Retreats response

Pooja, thank you so much for visiting our farm and leaving such a wonderful review.  I do hope people can step out of busy and come here to relax and have fun and learn some new fun facts as well as taking a little walk back into the History of this farm starting in 1790's.  Hope to see you back here some day soon.  Sharlene and all the Farm Animals

Oct 22, 2023

Loved Charlene and her beautiful Sugars Bridge Farm! My grandson and I had a wonderful time learning about the alpacas and llama. Getting to feed the ducks and play among the alpacas and feed them, up close and personal, was wonderful! We had a wonderful time and I highly recommend visiting Sugars Bridge Farm!

Sugars Bridge Farm: Alpaca Tours, Summer Camp, Yoga, & Retreats response

Hi Bonnie, thank you very much for your review.  It was so fun having you and your grandson at the farm.  Looking forward to seeing you again!  Sharlene and Farm Animals

Oct 14, 2023

We took our grandchildren, Molly 9, Jacob 6, to Sugars Bridge Farm last week on a lovely Sunday afternoon.  Charlene was absolutely amazing!  Her tour was informative and it was obvious how much she loves all of her animals.  The ducks were fun to watch.  Being in the field with the Alpacas and the Llama was unlike anything we've ever experienced!  They are incredible animals.   The kids can't wait to go back and neither can we!
Jeannie Michels

Sugars Bridge Farm: Alpaca Tours, Summer Camp, Yoga, & Retreats response

Hi Jeannie, yes come on back.  It is so fun having visitors here enjoy time on this Historic Farm dating back to 1790's.  I think the original owners would love to see their farm being enjoyed by so many.  Your gang was fun.  Cheers Sharlene and All the Farm Animals.

Sep 13, 2023

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Jul 17, 2023

We took a party of 16 people- including adults and children to visit this farm with no real idea of what to expect.  Prior to the event, I had some concerns regarding recent storms and was afraid I may have to reschedule. Throughout the entire experience both prior to and during, we were treated with the utmost respect and care. The farm was absolutely gorgeous, the animals were all super friendly and the owner was phenomenal.  10/10 would recommend this to anyone looking for a unique farm visit. We will 100% be back!

Sugars Bridge Farm: Alpaca Tours, Summer Camp, Yoga, & Retreats response

Holly thank you so much for your review.  I am glad you felt treat with kindness and care and your experience was wonderful here.  This farm is a magical place a plays a part in the history of Chester County.  It is wonderful to be able to share it with others and share the farm animals.  They love you as much as you guys love them.  Cheers Sharlene and all the Farm Animals

Jul 3, 2023

Nine of us visited the alpaca farm for the group tour--it was a wonderful experience!  It's a beautiful farm!  We each got to feed/pet the alpacas and even got to meet the resident chickens and ducks.  The photo opportunities were awesome!  The owner was very friendly, and gave us some history about the houses on the property, including the spring house.  It was an awesome experience and I'd like to bring my teens back next time!

Sugars Bridge Farm: Alpaca Tours, Summer Camp, Yoga, & Retreats response

Melissa, come on back soon.  And thank you so much for your review.   It was a pleasure to share the property and animals with you and your group.   I hope you got some great pictures!  All our best Sharlene and the Farm Animals.

Jun 25, 2023

I'm so glad I came upon Sugars Bridge Farm during my travels. I booked a tour for me and my mother as a prelude gift for her birthday. Interacting with the alpacas and the new Llama was especially blessed for both of us.
We also had the opportunity to see and learn about the alpacas fibers for the owners new concept of Farm to Fashion. Looking forward to the proposed Spinning class and much more.
Our tour also included the chickens and ducks along with education about alpacas and Llamas we were unaware of. It was a great experience and the owner and her son are very warm, friendly, and down to earth.

Sugars Bridge Farm: Alpaca Tours, Summer Camp, Yoga, & Retreats response

Yvette,  thank you so much for your review.  It always warms my heart when people enjoy their experience here.   The Alpaca and Llama love the visits as do the ducks and chickens.  They are always waiting for more visitors!   I hope you guys visit again soon.   Maybe you need some warm alpaca winter wear?  Smiling Sharlene

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