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Aug 24, 2023

Great first class.

May 16, 2023

100% best gym ever!

In Motion Fitness response

Thanks Sara! 100% thankful for you!

May 11, 2023

Love this place!

In Motion Fitness response

And we love you Ash! Thanks for taking time to leave a review

May 4, 2023

So far this workout style and the monthly challenge has been a lot of fun and great for me!

Nov 22, 2022

I love this place!  Lots of excellent coaching,  great welcoming community.  Everyone has been very welcoming.  I’ve only been here a month and It feels like home.

Oct 25, 2022

Always a great workout!

Oct 19, 2022

Fun class, thanks!

In Motion Fitness response

Thanks Liz, glad you enjoyed it!

Jul 20, 2022

I remember feeling super anxious  walking into this gym 4 years ago. After my first week, I felt sore in places I didn’t know the muscle existed. The trainers are knowledgeable and want you to succeed. The people there are incredibly kind as well.

May 6, 2022

I’ve been coming since December 2021 and love this place. The trainers are suuuuuper knowledgeable and the community feel is .

May 6, 2022

This place is more than a gym, it’s a community! It’s accountability mixed with discipline and a very healthy dose of fun! Makes me excited to keep working out!

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