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study skills/verbal SAT & ACT

Being a good test taker and tutor has sort of always been “my thing.” In high school I was a National Merit Scholar and received a perfect score on my ACT. I was also a National AP Scholar, taking (and passing) 12 tests in total, including all three sciences and Calc BC. It was natural that during college I worked as a tutor and TA for high schoolers trying to raise their scores on both the standard SAT/ACT exam as well as SAT subject tests and AP tests. Through this job I was able to help two students become National Merit Finalists, and had the pleasure of seeing my students receive perfect and near-perfect scores on SAT subject tests and AP tests. I also worked as a math and engineering tutor/TA at my university my freshman year through my senior year, helping students be successful in this demanding coursework. Since graduation, I have worked as a secondary STEM teacher for three years, teaching both middle and high school students about math, science, and engineering. My experience working as a virtual tutor, relying primarily on remote communication to teach both curricular topics and ACT/SAT/PSAT test prep to high school students has also prepared me well for this role. The absence of physical proximity can present a challenge to keep students engaged and motivated. I had to develop new approaches to motivate the students I met with online, such as checking in with them at additional times during the week, giving small focused assessments in addition to summative tests to build their confidence with the material, and providing them with spontaneous positive feedback to maintain their enthusiasm. This experience really improved my coaching and communication skills.

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