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Phil McWilliams

A native of Atlanta Georgia Phil grew up playing the guitar inspired by great artists such as Jim Croce and Gordon Lightfoot. After discovering his first guitar under his parents’ bed while on a Christmas gift snooping mission, he wrote his first song at the age of thirteen. His lifetime experience with music spans a wide range that includes rock, bluegrass, chanting and folk.

Combining the organic earthiness of bluegrass, the heart-centered depth of chant styles and the soulful delivery of his own folk style, Phil’s unique music immerses the listener in a multi-layered message of deep love and joy that has the effect of disengaging the left brain to allow the present moment to be fully experienced. He is an adept musician who skillfully plays the banjo, bass, dobro, guitar, harp and mandolin which he uses to accompany his honeygold voice. Phil loves to help create a profound experience for the listener when he plays.


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