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Ron Sambursky - Teacher/Studio Owner
500 Hour RYT Baptiste Certified Yoga Instructor
Yoga Alliance RYT500 Registered

Ron is a Baptiste Yoga Certified Teacher and Yoga Alliance RYT 500 Registered Yoga Instructor, and has been teaching yoga for seven years. Being a former bodybuilder and fitness fanatic, Ron is no stranger to getting into and staying in shape.

When he was first introduced to yoga more than seven years ago, he tried to incorporate his athletic and competitive principles to his yoga practice. He soon found out that yoga is not a competition but rather a tool for personal growth and a way to connect deeper with your own mind and body. He has learned that in yoga practice it is important to accept where you are and to appreciate the other teachers and students and be inspired by their abilities. He has learned how to draw upon the energy from the other people in the room to help remove mental blocks and achieve personal breakthroughs. Ron is a trained dental specialist who knows that the way to continue to grow in life is directly proportional to the work put forth. Yoga has become Ron's passion which has given him the desire to share what he is learning with his students.

His classes are a perfect blend of strength and flexibility which helps improve total body strength and shape while maximizing flexibility. Ron believes that the basis of most advanced yoga postures is a strong core. His class flows from one pose to the next virtually from start to finish. As in all yoga styles, the breath will lead you into each posture. Ron's goal is to help his students maximize their potential and to achieve poses that they didn't think they would ever be able to. He utilizes a combination of long holds and flowing sequences which helps students to build strength and improve focus while raising their heart rate. Ron is a perpetual student and is continually improving his own yoga practice. He frequents many yoga studios throughout the US and enjoys bringing back exciting new sequences, transitions and postures. His classes are enjoyed by all! His class prepares students to achieve arm balances and inversions. A strong core is the key. By getting his students to really focus on being present during their practice, they are able to clear their minds of their daily stresses and at the end of each class; students are rewarded with 10 minutes of well-deserved relaxation. Students will leave the class feeling relaxed refreshed and empowered and looking forward to their next yoga experience.

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