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A yoga practice combined with meditation is a deeply healing and utterly transformative experience. It is a means of rising above the cultural paradigm of instant gratification and self medication. Yoga allows us to slowly unwrap the bandages with which we mask our pain and begin to actually see what is underneath. The difficulty of the physical practice and the discomfort that comes with it is always indicative of something much deeper. Yoga encourages us to take the time to root around within our bodies and our minds and find the source of our pain so we can work towards fixing it. I believe a yoga practice can be a beautiful and creative form of self expression and can provide us with a wealth of knowledge about our intrinsic nature. My practice continues to be the most inspiring and awakening aspect of my life and I want others to share in this experience. We should all have the opportunity to be our own masters and break through the constant limitations of this world. We are powerful and perfect beings and there is no reason why we shouldn't be fighting for what is rightfully ours, our consciousness! Every moment of our lives has the potential to be profoundly beautiful and we should stop selling ourselves short.

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