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Sangah Park started practicing Bikram Yoga around 2011 and received her first yoga certification (hot yoga) from Yoga To The People. Since then, she has received certifications in various styles of yoga, which include Vinyasa (Jared Mccain), Therapeutic, Prenatal, and Hatha (Dharma). Her focus is always to create a safe space for students to build their strength and discover their potential.

Sangah created United Yoga in 2016 after enlightenment through Kriya practice. United Yoga is based on Kriya practice to help students build stamina and better focus to reach their potential. She is now leading United Yoga workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings in Korea, Thailand and Japan.

She focuses mostly on teaching breathing exercises that relate to Bandhas and which blend into Asana practice. Anatomy is one of her passions and she loves providing anatomical explanations and insights.

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