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Riji Suh has been teaching yoga for the last twelve years of her life. Her practice journey has roots in the asana lineages of Bikram, Dharma Mittra, and the Ghosh 84 Asana series. Riji was born in Seoul, South Korea, and together with her brother, was raised in Baghdad, Iraq and finally, New York City, USA. From her off-campus time at Colgate University, she has maintained a deep connection to the people of the Tesuque Nation in Santa Fe, NM. Teaching yoga has brought her to New Mexico, Hawaii, among many other states, as well as Denmark, Italy, and Costa Rica. Hawaii and the Pacific Ocean are her home away from home. Brooklyn, NY is her happy home base, and she is blessed to keep her creative anchor through her growing work on both sides of the fashion and media lens. Riji and Jared have been friends since meeting in Hawaii in 2007, and it is so special for her to share the practice of yoga in his Lighthouse Yoga School.

PM Classic 84 (Intermediate)

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