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Katharine James is a registered nurse, registered yoga teacher, certified flower essence practitioner, mother of 3 and is the owner of Alignment Whole Health. Katharine has worked in healthcare for over 30 years and has dedicated her life both to healing herself and assisting others to find their own healing. Katharine’s classes are infused with movement, meditation, intention and care.She believes that yoga is for all Bodies and teaches classes that are accessible to everyone whether seasoned practitioners or brand new beginners. Katharine has taught throughout the 5 boroughs,taking yoga to populations who have little access to yoga, such as incarcerated mothers and infants at Riker’s Correction Facility. Katharine completed her 200 hr training with Evolation Yoga in 2012 and a 200 hr training with Sacred Brooklyn in 2015. Her continuing studies in Yoga include: Therapeutic Yoga at Yoga Sole, Yoga For All with Diane Bondy and Amber Karnes, Trauma Informed Yoga with Liberation Prison Yoga, Birthlight Pre and Post Natal Yoga, Rainbow Kids Yoga, Yoga Nidra and the Chakras and Restorative Yoga at ISHTA Yoga. When not practicing or teaching yoga, Katharine can be found volunteering at public schools, riding her bike, or out on the ocean sailing.

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