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Yoga Teacher, Barre Instructor
I struggled as a teen with low self-esteem. When I first began practicing yoga, only the physical aspect attracted me. I now embrace the spiritual journey as well. Yoga helped me realize that what I was looking for externally, was right in my heart and soul all along. My classes will challenge you to take yourself less seriously, to think, to grow, and to build physical strength and spiritual compassion.
I find inspiration everywhere: books, my teachers, and in other people’s stories. Yoga has helped me to become a more honest, loving and authentic person. Through my journey, I have learned to love all parts of myself, seeing myself as “perfectly imperfect”. I fell in love with Yoga and Barre because I love to be challenged. Only after sustaining a back and neck injury, did I begin to truly understand the power of Yoga. I quickly realized that my true calling was to share what I had learned. After completing 1560YTT hours, including Yoga Medicine Training on the spine, shoulder, and hip, I hope to inspire others.

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