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Patti’s yogic journey started in 2011 at a gym in South Boston; the treadmill wasn’t fun, the weights were intimidating, so she decided to give this yoga-thing a shot. With little knowledge or experience, she showed up to a few slow-flow beginner’s classes and with the guidance and support from the gentle yoga teacher, she gained the confidence to kick it up to some power-yoga classes—strictly with the motivation to get in shape for her upcoming nuptials happening the following year. Little did she know that the physical transformation was only part of her yoga practice; her developed meditation and over-all awareness created a shift in seeing life in a whole new perspective.

Shortly after getting married Patti started her family and incorporated prenatal yoga in her pregnancies. Considering she had 3 children in 4 years, she has spent equal time practicing parental yoga as she has her vinyasa practice. During her last pregnancy she completed her 200 teacher training and learned the modifications for practice with a baby bump. In addition to the experience of practicing with a big belly, she also completed a 20 hour Om Births immersion training and received her prenatal yoga certification.

Patti’s cool and calm demeanor can be attributed to her life on the mat; learning patience, perspective and becoming aware of her limitations and triumphs has made her a better wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend.

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