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Lahila Oppenheimer is a certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher Level 1 and 2. To this day Lahila counsels and guides people in her successful private practice for over 25 years around the world. With great compassion and dedication Lahila seeks to uplift and transform those around her who desire personal transformation and well-being. Lahila teaches Kundalini Yoga seminars, retreats, ongoing classes, and one-on- one to individuals from all walks of life. Her positive signature teaching style is encouraging, educating, empowering, and highly motivational. Based on yoga student observation over the years Lahila believes that through regular consistent kundalini-yoga and the application of “prana” life force (breath work), “energy” (physical exercises), “mudras” (energy seals), and “mantras” (sound currents) - consciousness expands and therefore greater balance, more clarity, improved health, and eventually a more positive, purposeful, happy and more fulfilled life is achieved. Improvement can be created from wherever one stands no matter how challenging the conditions. It is Lahila’s life mission to transform, uplift, elevate, heal, and align every person who participates in her classes with his/her greatest potential. Her goal is to guide individuals with tools and knowledge to become fully aware, to be on purpose with life, to create fulfillment, prosperity, and success - and to live the highest happiest life quality possible. “Keep Up And You Will Be Kept Up”

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