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Jason grew up in New York. After completing a bachelor of science in Psychology he moved out west in 98 and began studying and ultimately teaching yoga. Jason worked for seven years in inpatient psychiatric facilities in Flagstaff and Tucson where he had a positive impact teaching yoga and leading therapeutic groups. Jason became a certified yoga instructor at the Providence Institute and studied under many great teachers in Tucson including, Darren Rhodes at yoga Oasis. His experience through this studio inspired his path with Anusara yoga in particular.

At the time Jason moved to Flagstaff, Arizona, he was a personal trainer and intended to return to school for allopathic medicine. He was finishing his prerequisites for med school when he began working in Andrew Weil's clinic at UMC in Tucson. Through his experience in this clinic and exposure to alternative and holistic forms of medicine, he ultimately found that acupuncture and Chinese medicine was the form of medicine he was inspired to pursue. Jason is now a licensed acupuncturist and he and his wife Amara operate the Shen Dao clinic in Harrisonburg since 2008.

Jason began training the internal arts of gongfu (kung fu) including xingyichuan and baguazhang in 2005 and is now a certified instructor in each of these disciplines. He also trains and teaches an external style called kajukenbo. Jason is part of a martial arts and Chinese medicine organization called the North American tang shou Tao. The mission of this association is to research, train, and disseminate the teachings of the classics in Chinese medicine and martial arts. Through this association he has had the great fortune of training with numerous masters in different disciplines throughout the world.

Jason has been teaching martial arts in Harrisonburg since 2008. He has continued his own regular yoga practice and recognizes the virtue and benefit of both yoga and gongfu. His mission is to share the benefit that he has found in training these eastern arts and inspire others to find the value in investing in one's balanced health. The integrated approach in these exercises is also the basis of the medicine practiced in their clinic. They incorporate the modalities of craniosacral therapy and manual therapy techniques including, tuina and Thai massage. They believe in integrating medicine and internal exercises, and empowering others support to their wellness.

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