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Susan discovered yoga 18 years ago through a book and instantly fell
in love with the practice. Yet it was years later while spending a
summer practicing daily at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies
that yoga really began to transform her life. Eventually Susan
registered for The Center’s School of Yoga 200 hour program and
graduated in May, 2018.

Susan was drawn to yoga because it was a healthy way to relieve
stress, tension, and mental and physical discomfort; plus yoga helped
to slow down her busy life and mind. Susan embraces all 8 limbs of
yoga and likes to weaves in pranayama, meditation and philosophy along
with physical asanas into class. With a background working in the
field of mental health, Susan believes in the healing power of yoga to
lift moods, ease stress and anxiety, cultivate body acceptance,
recover from trauma and addictions, to help one to become more aware
of their triggers and habits and to provide a positive way to cope
with life and stressors. Susan is passionate about yoga and meditation
and believes that mindful practices can bring inner peace to those who
practice and that peace may ripple out to positively effect the entire

Off the mat Susan is a lover of nature and enjoys spending time
outdoors. She lives out in the country and shares her home with many
furry friends and her husband. Music, dancing, and growing, cooking
and eating good food are other passions of hers.

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