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Briana first fell in love with yoga in 2015 when she began studying with Kundalini teacher, Mary Pargas at The Center Yoga. Realizing that her practice was more thank just movement, Briana quickly began a passionate daily yoga practice, incorporating the teachings of Suzanne McCahill Perrine and Mary Pargas.
Learning that yoga facilitated a deeper relationship with her body, mind, and spirit, she began incorporating yoga philosophy into her lifestyle and music therapy business, ultimately completing her yoga teacher training at The Center School of Yoga in 2017. Briana enjoys the graceful yet physical challenge of yoga, the compassionate process of embodying asana, and the science of alignment and vedic tradition. She seeks to encourage her students to find their practice, in their bodies with compassion and fire regardless of age or ability.
Briana values curiosity and enjoys learning lessons from masters and students alike. You can find her on her mat taking classes at The Center, sitting in the sunshine, or snuggling with her ktty-babies, and is eternally thankful for her loving, patient husband for his unwavering support as she walks the path of the modern yogi.

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