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My yoga path began many moons ago but it was not until Be One that I actually fell in love with the practice. After dating my partner for a couple months I knew it was only a matter of time before I had to make it to my mat, as I saw how important it was in his life. On our way to the studio he informed me it was indeed a level two class, I was scaredddddddd. My fears completely were put to rest as soon as I walked into the studio. Everyone was welcoming, warm, and supportive. There was a community that had been built that I was inspired to be a part of. I was encouraged to practice however I showed up. This is MY body MY practice…four years later- this is how I teach.

A survivor of many things, I have found my mat to be a place of healing. I have gained a relationship with myself that I believe with all my heart we should all have. A sacred connection takes place when we go inward and connect our minds, bodies, and breath revealing self-love, confidence, strength, forgiveness, patience, and worth. Yoga allows us to express ourselves in ways that are playful, strong, and comforting and poses are just ONE of the eight limbs- there is so much to our practice on and off the mat. I understand that life has its ups and downs and I want to be here for you. We are all in this world together and the meaning of Yoga is Union. The union of your mind body and breath as well as the unity between all beings- together we are all one.

I teach different styles and from a heart that is going through life. My Vinyasa classes are challenging, I teach Hatha with flare, and Yin is an opportunity to just be- not do. It is my intention that when you come to my class you leave feeling grounded, creative, powerful, loved, expressive, intuitive, and divine. I hope to see you soon!

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AM Hot Hatha
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