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Kim began practicing yoga in 1997 and began teaching yoga in 2005. In 2008 she found the Ashtanga Vinyasa method. After rigorous study, Kim holds the knowledge and experience of 1000 hours of training in Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary and Intermediate series. She’s worked as an assistant to her teachers Tim Miller and Rolf and Marci Naujokat.
Kim has completed teacher training with Gretchen Robinson, Kathleen and Wade Mortensen, and Tim Miller, as well as spending extended time in India practicing and assisting in the shala of senior teachers Rolf and Marci Naujokat, in Anjuna, Goa, India. Here, she completed over 785 hours of training exclusively with Rolf & Marci. Kim’s knowledge includes in-depth study of yoga history, philosophy, yoga lifestyle, asana adjustments in Primary & Intermediate series, full Ashtanga Pranayama, as well as many hours sitting in satsang with Mataji Puri of the Santosh Puri Ashram.
In 2012, Kim began teaching Ashtanga both in Honduras at Yoga Utila and in India at Rolf and Marci’s shala, Yoga Bones.
Kim’s path with Ashtanga has led her to specialize in using the Ashtanga method for healing injuries. From starting Third series with Rolf, to sustaining a bicycling injury, she lost all of her physical practice except for the single asana, Samasitihi. Working with her teachers Tim and Marci she learned how to use Ashtanga for healing physical injuries related to mid and low back, hips, shoulders, and knees. Proof that good things come from injuries too!
She takes a non-aggressive approach to teaching, believing all eight limbs of Ashtanga Vinyasa method should be practiced to support the whole mind-body organism to give health and steadiness of self.

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