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I see asana practice as one of the most concrete ways of bringing mind, body and spirit together. The word Yoga in Sanskrit means union; union of mind, body and spirit.

Through learning poses and proper alignment, and possibly the Sanskrit names for them we are using our minds while practicing. I will always share with students ways we can listen to our bodies while practicing asanas, discerning if a pose or sequence is actually beneficial for your body at this time.

As a yoga instructor I feel one of the most important things I do for my students is to hold a safe container for their practice, one that will allow them to feel simultaneously inspired and challenged and held gently.

My Gentle Flow Vinyasa classes bring us from gentle stretches where the breath & movement combine, into slow and thoughtful vinyasa flows and then back to the mat for the equally important part of practice...unwinding and entering Sāvāsana.

I have practiced many styles of Yoga with many teachers over many years- and all of them influence and inform my teaching. My formal training is a 200hr Vinyasa Teaching Training I received in 2019 with Coral Brown through All That Matters in Wakefield RI. I have been a student at Breathing Time Yoga on and off for many years and am so very happy and honored to join the teaching staff!


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