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Our Essence is far beyond what the mind has ever dreamed possible. When we are in a state of Yoga (Union) our Essence shines through inner qualities of Joy, Peace, and Bliss. Each path of Yoga has a unique way of calming the restlessness in our minds, giving us an opportunity to experience what rests beyond the personality. Remembering, reconnecting, and Realizing who we are has been the promise of Yoga for time immemorial. Allow a moment to close your eyes and look around! There is an entire universe within waiting to be discovered!

David is passionate about restoring the larger promise of all yogic paths, Self-Realization. He has served as a Yoga Instructor, Mediation Teacher, Reiki Master, Whole Food Farmacist, Energy Healer, Kirtan Artist, and Spiritual Counselor to the South Coast Massachusetts and Rhode Island Communities. In 2016, David received his 200hr Yoga teacher training from Mt. Madonna Institute in California and has had the honor of teaching students from widely varying backgrounds.

Yoga has been practicing on David formally for 10 years! Living Yoga is the deeper invitation; that we may use our on the mat practice to inspire and remind ourselves of the wellspring of Peace that lies within, even in our day to day life. And from that contentment a desire to share our wholeness with others, that they too may be awakened within!

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