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Tamara Lee
Tamara Lee Standard radiates warmth and compassion. A Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Gong Master, she brings a calming presence to her teaching.

A self-proclaimed “wild wisdom yogini”, Tamara has used conventional and unconventional methods to experience liberation and realize yogic empowerment. Graced by yoga teachings in childhood, initially from her father, Tamara officially began her own teaching journey in 2001 after completing her first training within the Sivananda lineage. In the following years she fell more and more in love with yoga and the Dharma, studying and teaching all over the US and abroad. In 2014, she completed a 3-year meditation retreat in which she was able to deepen her own personalized sadhana (spiritual practice) in remote wilderness, using various advanced trainings in Kundalini & Anusara Yoga, Vedanta & Vajrayana (Tantric) Buddhism, along with profoundly surrendering to listen to and apply inner wisdom.

Tamara’s experiences give her a unique perspective, deep intuitive insight and the ability to assist others in developing their personal yoga practice. Adept in fear elimination and mental yoga, she is an excellent guide to navigating through old habits and embracing a new lifestyle in line with yogic wisdom. Tamara teaches with charisma, a down to earth nature, and shares a wealth of practical experience.

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