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Spiritual Warrior • £20.00

It is a lesson of vinyasa led, lively and quick; the teacher appointment asanas and provides the count of breath with minimal other types of instructions about the alignment and execution of positions. The lecture offers a practical all-round according to a predetermined and fixed sequence that includes the heating, the intention to practice, the sun salutations, standing poses, those in equilibrium, the forward bends, backward ones, twists and inversions. The lesson ends with a meditation and relaxation final and is designed to last approximately un'ora.È suitable for those who already have a basic knowledge of the positions and is suitable for those days when you have little time to devote to their own and practice for when searching for a practical short, intense and fast paced.

This class is also offered:
Thursday, October 17th
4:00 - 5:00pm Jutta Ariane Mele-Maurer

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