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Mindfulness Meditation • £20.00

In this course we will learn mainly to know and cultivate the quality of awareness or mindfulness as a way of relating to life. Awareness is a vast universe that we will explore in its various aspects and facets. It is in fact steeped in absence of judgment, lack of responsiveness, presence of interest and trust, fairness, kindness and deep understanding of things beyond the conceptual dimension. Awareness properly developed and deepened through the practice of Vipassana meditation becomes a very powerful tool for cultivating the healthy qualities of mind and gradually get rid of the box reactive obscuring our potential for happiness. We will learn that just being with the breath is much more than a way to focus or a relaxation technique but fosters a new way to meet the present experience with openness and clarity, an opening up to things as they are a day beyond our preferences. Rather than trying to control or change what happens we take care of our relationship with what we live from moment to moment. Be present at every moment of our lives, with energy, lightness and availability, reveals a richness and meaning that often eludes us because of what clutters our hearts, and that here we will learn to know and let go.

This class is also offered:
Friday, October 18th
7:30 - 8:30pm Fabiola Perna

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