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Pre and Post Natal • £20.00

Prenatal yoga can live peacefully the physical and psychological changes of the future mother preparing the mind and the body for childbirth. The practice is beneficial to the spine and to the elasticity of the hip and pelvic floor. Breathing improves oxygenation to the mother and the fetus, and keeps the mind quiet.Postnatal Yoga tones and strengthens the body after pregnancy respecting the natural rhythms of recovery. The practice is specific to the recovery of the pelvic floor, strengthening the legs and back and relax and release tension of the shoulders, neck, arms. The breathing helps to relax the body and mind and helps the mother to face the new rhythms with serenity and energy.

This class is also offered:
Saturday, July 20th
11:00 - 12:00pm Samuela Urbini

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