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Chi Yoga • £20.00

Chi Yoga is a combination of two eastern disciplines: Chi Kung and Yoga.

Chi Kung is also known as Qigong - Who literally means air, or energy, is a concept similar to that of prana, the vital energy, in Yoga; Kung instead is translated as work. In the past, the Chi Kung was also called Nei Kung, which means inner work.
And 'an ancient Chinese practice time to cultivate and balance the chi in the body through breathing techniques, movements slow and gentle, and meditations to detoxify, strengthen and circulate the life energy.

The lesson of Chi Yoga is suitable for practitioners of all ages and levels. What matters is the ability to breathe, to move, to focus on the present moment and being self-aware. In the practice of yoga asanas are combined, to stretch and open the body following the principles of correct alignment, with exercises and sequences of Chi Kung, such motion sequences nice and slow, conscious breathing, dynamic and static meditation, mudras and techniques of self massage. All these practices develop and increase the flow of energy in the body and through the meridians, tone the body and have the same therapeutic for accidents and injuries of joints, ligaments and bones. They also provide soothing effects on the nervous system, reducing states of stress and chronic tension. You may experience positive effects on mood and behavior; slow down the aging process and cultivates a state of fullness and completion, through exercises aimed at 'integration of body, mind and spirit.

This class is also offered:
Wednesday, October 16th
12:00 - 1:00pm Bon Chan
Monday, October 21th
12:00 - 1:00pm Bon Chan

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