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Vinyasa Flow • £20.00

A style of strong, fluid, dynamic and harmonious. Emphasizes transitions between a posture and the other and the connection between breath and movement. It embraces many themes and postures. It does not follow a predefined set and then the classes are always different.
From the Sanskrit word Vinyasa means put in a special way. A definition that emphasizes the importance not just of what we do but how we do it. We work with the alignment of the body to correct posture, dynamic movements for coordination and agility, work to strengthen the muscles in the middle of the body, fluid movements to open and stretch the body, decompress the column, maintain the elasticity of the fascial system and circulate Prana (vital energy). We use breathing, mindfulness and awareness of the body to develop proprioception, the sense kinestetico and a deep sense of well-being and connection with the here and now.
The standard practice is for everyone and is particularly suitable for people approaching
is approaching yoga styles dynamic for the first time, or by little, and to whom
He wants to explore the issues of awareness and alignment in a context
stable but dynamic

This class is also offered:
Monday, October 14th
1:00 - 2:15pm Bon Chan
Wednesday, October 16th
1:00 - 2:15pm Bon Chan

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