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Marvin is a Russian Kettlebell Certified Instructor (RKC) and is a National Council of Strength and Fitness (NCSF) Certified Professional Trainer (CPT). In 2006 Marvin achieved the RKC Level-1 and the following year in 2007 achieved the Level-2 certification from Pavel Tsatsouline, (pioneer and founder of the RKC, Russian Kettlebell Challenge). Marvin is the owner and Chief Instructor of the Bowie Kettlebell Club (BKC) in Bowie, MD. He has been in the fitness arena for many years achieving high ranking in various martial arts and offers a course in Self Protection Training as part of his curriculum at the BKC. Marvin has introduced Kettlebells to:

yoga students - martial artist - runners - strength enthusiast - weekend warriors - and people just looking to get a little more functional body movement out of everyday life.

His unique approach to Kettlebell exercises, proper breathing, and joint mobility has helped many students better understand how Kettlebells can be used to improve yoga strength, running and walking endurance, all purpose flexibility, and proprioception awareness in everyday events.

Marvin has been seen introducing Kettlebells on the Absolute Body Power Series aired on Montgomery Co. cable TV. Kettlebells have been here in the US for a little over a decade and the correct usage of the Kettlebells is still hard to come by. The magic is in the detail. That's all we do!

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