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Sonia Issa began her studies of the body and mind at Andrews University in Michigan majoring in Exercise Science. She has over 14 years of experience as a personal fitness trainer and has worked with people of all ages and backgrounds using different training methods.
I came to the realization that I wanted something more; to make an even bigger impact in others lives which brought me to firefighting. In order to find the physical strength for the task I trained aggressively, heavy and almost neurotically. I was causing more pain than good. I needed something to heal me, ground me and take away the edge. It was at this point that yoga became an important part of my life. I originally went to loosen my muscles but what opened up in me was so much more. Yoga has given me the opportunity to connect with my body and my being in such profound ways. It has truly calmed my heart and helped me focus and realize what is important to me. I feel that it has helped me to remain steady and calm in stressful situations. With this new awareness I feel more able to handle life’s endless dilemmas without feeling overwhelmed.
Sonia's goal as a teacher is to inspire and find the smile in her students so they may feel the joy and completeness that she has felt and continues to feel every day, to wake up every morning seeing sunshine even in the rain.

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