Spynga The Yoga + Cycling Studio

Yoga Studio  in Toronto , ON

1415 Bathurst Street Suite 302
Toronto , ON , M5R 3H8
Yoga Studio in Toronto, ON

Spynga The Yoga + Cycling Studio

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Toronto , ON , M5R 3H8
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Spynga, the yoga and cycling philosophy is about living authentically.

We are a community-oriented bunch with a platform for all who are intrigued and interested to explore and remember the deeper aspects of the self through the thrilling art of indoor cycling (a.k.a. spinning) and the ancient practice of yoga and thus live a more balanced, healthy and enriched transparent existence.


We are an eclectic family who all find their own happy place within the breadth of health and wellness that is Spynga. Read on about Spynga's mission and values along with our amazing crew who help to inspire our vibrant culture.


Business Hours *

Yoga Studio HOURS*

6:15am - 9:15pm
6am - 8:30pm
6:30am - 8:15pm
6am - 8:30pm
Open6:30am - 2:30pm
8am - 4:45pm
8am - 5:45pm
* Holiday Schedules Vary - Please contact us for more info