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sheldon shannon

FAVOURITE YOGA, CYCLING OR FREESTYLE POSITION: handstand!! it's a very powerful, exhilarating pose.
FAVOURITE SONG: it's always changing but, one song that i could always listen to is, counting by autre ne veut
FAVOURITE DISCOVERY: bunners bakery...yum!
FAVOURITE PLACE IN THE WORLD: bali-- so far.....
FAVOURITE CHARITY: anything involving cancer research
WHO INSPIRES YOU? it's changing all the time with the new people i come into contact with.
COFFEE OR TEA? espresso
FAVOURITE SCENT: musk, by kiehls
PIVOTAL TRAINING OR TEACHER THAT HAS BROUGHT YOU TO THIS PLACE:my yoga teacher, ron reid. his approach to life and the practice amazes me!
THE VOICE OF REASON IN YOUR LIFE: my mom, and my time on my yoga mat practicing
A QUOTE THAT YOU LIVE BY: enjoy the little things in life for one day you'll look back and realize they were the big things~kurt vonnegut

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