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Abi Lynne Wright (E-RYT 200) is a yoga teacher based out of Columbus, Ohio. 

After a personal crisis, she turned to her yoga practice to find structure and support for her life. Although she always balked at rules and structure, the method of Ashtanga Yoga provided a way for her to tune inward to find healing each morning and as it turns out, structure is exactly what she needed. She is passionate about the practice of Ashtanga Yoga, and believes is much more than just a series of poses to work through, it also provides a lifestyle that supports the whole person. The system is structured in a way that it can provide benefit to anyone, no matter their physical abilities. As a teacher, she is passionate about sharing the practice in an approachable way that can work for each student. 
Abi earned her certification in alignment based yoga from Neda Honavar in Atlanta, GA in 2013, where she also started teaching classes at the local climbing gym and began  teaching Ashtanga in 2017. She is passionate about teaching yoga to students in support of their recovery and was in the first Ashtanga Yoga and Addiction Forum in 2017 led by Taylor Hunt, and has been teaching in recovery centers for the Trini Foundation since then.
She has made two trips to Mysore India to study with R. Sharath Jois at KPJAYI, and hopes to continue to make yearly trips to deepen her studies. She also enjoys every opportunity to learn from the talented authorized teachers of the Ashtanga method like Krista Shirley, Harmony Slater, Tim Feldmann and David Robson. 
Check her out and say hello on instagram @abilynneyoga 

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