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Brandy began her yoga journey many years ago but didn't get serious about her practice until 2015. She had tried a number of styles and became a Vinyasa 200 hour RYT in 2017. It was during her vinyasa training that she was first introduced to the Ashtanga method. From that moment, she knew she had discovered her passion, but realized there was a lack of resources in her area in South Dakota. After stumbling upon Taylor Hunt's book, she reached out to him and registered for a week-long intensive in Ohio. In that trip, she found her teacher and a community that has kept her coming back. She remains dedicated to her home practice and loves the routine, connection, and focus that it brings to her life. Brandy has maintained a consistent daily practice since November 2017. After successfully completing the Trini Foundation forum in October 2018, she went on to do an extensive year long mentorship with Taylor through 2020. Brandy continues her studies and is dedicated to making the gift of Ashtanga yoga accessible to those who need it.  

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