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Yoga & Rolling: Tools for Muscle & Tension Relief
Apr 12, 2024 - Apr 12, 2024
In this workshop you will learn how to most effectively approach your muscles to relieve tension, when to use these tools, the benefits, risk factors, & do’s and don’ts for effective tension relief. You will walk away with a toolbox full of techniques and a detailed manual for lifelong practice and application.
There will be a practice so please wear clothes that you would to practice Yoga or workout. No prior Yoga or anatomy experience is necessary.
Techniques will be included for:
*Muscles of the upper and lower legs
*Lower, Middle, and Upper Back
*Upper arms and Forearms
*Hands and Feet
*Plus 2 bonus techniques to relieve tension in the abdomen which can ease digestion and aid in releasing the lower back.
These tools and techniques can be applied:
*For athletic recovery and reduced soreness from sports/workouts
*To release tension for better sleep
*To support recovery from injuries/conditions
*Relieve tension headaches
*To increase your range of motion, mobility, and flexibility
*In creating a deeper understanding and respect for the magic of your musculoskeletal system and how to care for yourself
*To feel better in your body and life
This workshop in In Studio only.
Registration is limited to 20 people for more individualized attention.
Investment: $59 includes workshop and instructional manual with all techniques.
This does not include the roller or balls. See below.
About Your Instructor-
Christy Naida Linson (ERYT500, LMT) began her Yoga practice in 1999 while in massage school in Maui, HI. These two practices grew up together as she studied anatomy and physiology mentally, tangibly through through her massage therapy clients, and experientially through her own body in her Yoga practice. This combination later inspired her Yoga teaching style, Aligned Flow® and the deep tissue and Thai massage work that she has offered to athletes of various sports throughout her practice, including 7 years with the NY Jets. As she saw the incredible results of massage & Yoga as active recovery from Running, CrossFit, and her gym workouts, she began to offer these tools to her clients with excellent results. She is thrilled to offer this workshop in the hopes that it gives you the tools to both relieve tension and prevent it for many years to come.
What people have said about this workshop:
Highly recommend trying Christy’s Foam Rolling Workshop! Techniques are easily accessible and perfect to incorporate into a daily routine. You’ll leave feeling like you just had the best massage of your life! SG
This was a wonderful workshop. What a gift to us all to teach us how to add this important modality to our routines of self care. I walked out of studio relaxed and loose and happy. The manual is excellent! I love how you chunked the information- skeletal anatomy, muscle tendon anatomy, kinesiology, poses to heat, poses to stretch, then soft to more intense rolling techniques. Brilliantly done, Christy! LD
Christy, I loved this workshop! It was informative and fun, it moved quickly and the time seemed to fly…your humor and your wealth of knowledge is so appreciated. VL
Christy is absolutely the sweetest person and her knowledge and experience are evident when she teaches. I would not hesitate to take any class she offers. CA

I always enjoy and get a lot out of any workshop presented by Christy. Christy is very knowledgeable in all her teachings and is my go to person for anything yoga or anatomy related. My teaching skills and personal self care have improved from her teachings and guidance. - Sarah M

As a serious runner, foam rolling was always something I wanted to do, and tried a little bit, but I never knew the correct techniques. This workshop showed me all I needed to know and then some! My muscles were so relaxed, that I went home and took a nap!
I can't wait to try these out after a long run! JM


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Apr 12, 2024
6:00pm - 8:30pm EDT
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