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Tempest's Transitions
Aug 11, 2024 - Aug 11, 2024

This all level exotic workshop WITH Intermediate & Advanced options pairs perfectly with Exotic Stage Magic towards more complete movement mastery and performance prowess. Learn unexpected ways to climb and descend the pole for maximal, magical use of space.

Weave together transitions to get up from the floor, twirl n traverse around the pole in original ways and start to generate brand new sequences. This workshop provides the technique and mechanics to get you thinking creatively to infuse your personal style into movement.

If you have taken an exotic class with Tempest, you know she offers a ton of options to accommodate various levels. Get back to exotic fundamentals with the potential to build up to Int/ Adv versions of many moves. Assemble your learnings in a rich tapestry that will have you sizzling onstage and flowing fabulously wherever you choose to move.

Level: All level exotic workshop WITH Intermediate & Advanced

About Tempest

Professional show pony with a masters degree, Tempest has been a touring showgirl for nearly a decade. She has won multiple titles in pole and strip club competitions plus brings to the table a wealth of teaching experience. Tempest is passionate about performance and sharing her love of the stage by bringing out the best in others, encouraging them to embrace their unique mystique. As an academic and professional in other arenas by day, Tempest is currently researching the mental health benefits of exotic dance.

*There are no refunds for workshop spots, you may only transfer it to another person before the series begins*

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Aug 11, 2024
4:30pm - 6:30pm PDT
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