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True Love Yoga
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Quan Yin Meditation Online w/ Lisa Lola
Mar 10, 2021 - Mar 31, 2021
In this series Lisa will draw one card from her Quan Yin Oracle deck for each session that will collectively create the healing and subject matter for the class. Students will have opportunities to share their insights and experiences related to the evening’s material and ask questions for their own spiritual growth. Following discussion, a channeled guided meditation from Quan Yin will be provided to receive her transmission of Compassion, Mercy and Kindness into your DNA.
Join this series to develop your own personal relationship with Bodhisattva Quan Yin and discover how her soft, wise essence can add healing and love to your life.
Mar 10, 2021 - Mar 31, 2021
7:15 - 8:15pm