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Cassie plays several roles in her everyday life: Mom, Wife, Athlete, and biggest fan of the Lorax.
As the “Mom”: She is inspired by her kids’ energy and strength, and she trains to be the top monkey bar performer and fastest “kid” on the playground to play tag and kickball.
As the “Wife”: She is one of two leading members of a biking family – casual, long-hill road riding, or mountain biking… two wheels fast and furious or slow and casual. Either way they both enjoy the rush.
As the “Athlete”: She found setting goals involving strength have led to greater abilities outside of the gym. Lifting heavy weights really is exciting & confidence-building… and she recommends that everyone try it. She is always thirsty to learn more and share what she has learned.
As the “Lorax Fan”: Her day job is in the world of sustainability – helping customers improve their water and energy usage targets… her slice of making the world a better place.
Cassie discovered TNT Performance in 2013 and quickly realized kettlebell training would help her continue to improve her strength & health and that it would never be something she is “too old” to do. As her strength and mobility quickly improved, she became eager to start sharing this “strength hobby”. In 2015, she attended the school of strength and became a certified SFG kettlebell instructor.

PM Functional Fitness / Kettlebells

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